Really, can you make too much joyful noise?  Probably not!  Kids at AWANA all over the country take up offerings during their missions month so that children from other parts of the world, THE WORLD! Can have access to the Gospel through AWANA  programs.

When we started our AWANA program years ago one of our strongest debates was over losing the Mission Friends, Girls in Action and Royal Ambassador program that we had successfully used to teach the Great Commission and get our own children involved in missions so they could develop a heart for the nations.

AWANA has more than alleviated that concern with this program where we encourage kids to give and learn about our sister clubs in Bangladesh.  We designate our offering to South East Asia and the work specifically in Bangladesh.  Every year we try and support a club roughly the size of half of our own.  BUT…this year God set our sights on providing the funds for a club in Bangladesh that was equal to our own.  Child for child, Gospel opportunity for Gospel opportunity.

How silly and short sighted we were.  When our AWANA Commanders presented the idea of a “Noisy Offering” to our club kids it snowballed, and families and church members, everyone gave deeply.  Adults who see children excited about the Gospel,  will encourage, support and give to get this next generation of Great Commissioners ready for the battle.  I love that The Church at Candies Creek is looking to the future by equipping the youth and children to continue the work we have seen the older generations (smile right here) labor and love for decades.

The Noisy Offering…$2,251.53.   All deposited in noisy vegetable cans during the church service.  Noisy?  YES!  Too noisy? Or too joyful?  NEVER…I think the sounds of children in Bangladesh praying to receive Jesus would be the only sound more beautiful.  make-a-joyful-noise112

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