Super heroes inspire confidence and awe in most kids.  Tonight at AWANA we wanted to tie together some super heroes from the Bible and missionaries to the lost world.  Looking at Hebrews 11 we see that some of the same kind of actions that real Bible people carried out compare pretty closely to the cartoons and big screen. Look at this list!

Conquered kingdoms

Enforced justice

Obtained promises

Stopped the mouths of lions

Quenched the power of fire

Escaped the edge of the sword

Made strong out of weakness

Became mighty in war

Put foreign armies to flight

Sure your average super hero might tackle this list in a 2 hour movie setting, BUT these Bible people really lived it!  And the super POWER they used to accomplish their missions is mentioned in Hebrews 11.  “Who through faith…”

We can practice skills and techniques to hone our body into a finely tuned weapon of super power, but looks like Faith wins the day, every time.


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