sign 5

Sorry about the non-action shots.  I tend to get busy directing or crying and I don’t get any pictures!

SIGN&STICK is a form of worship using sign language and dowel rods.  I love it because children of many skill levels can participate and what kid does not love playing with sticks!!!

In truth it is a beautiful way to demonstrate the words of a song using hands and motions and shapes. In the bottom picture the children are depicting the portion of the song Arise My Love, showing “could it be that His Father had forsaken him?”.

We had children as young as barely 4 years old up to 6th grade participate together on Resurrection Sunday.  It was very sweet.  With only four performances in the past year and learning 5 songs we have found there are many words and motions repeated.  Therefore, children learn more and more quickly if they “stick” with it.

Sara Black our co-teacher has an incredible heart for teaching children the reason behind every motion and makes sure any creativity does not sacrifice the true ASL motion for a word or meaning.  I appreciate her beautiful expression of worship.

Tomorrow Sara and I are on a road trip to visit her sign language expert and go over the scripture songs children will be learning this summer during River of Hope classes.  Would your child enjoy SIGN&STICK?  If they can follow simple directions, enjoy music, and not hit others, SIGN&STICK might be right for them!   We invite willing 4 year olds (if they only want to run laps, cry for mom or would rather play in the nursery, this may not be fun for them) up to 6th grade.  No try outs and no perfection!  We worship to the best of our abilities.

It is possible if there is a large enough group we will divide into two ages so that the older children can be challenged with more complex songs and motions.  We will be practicing every Wednesday night at 6 pm in the Treehouse until 7:15 pm  . Weather permitting we will dismiss to the playground for pick up and to run off any excess energy each week.

Two scripture songs for sign language and we will incorporate sticks and other props for “Voice of Truth” by Casting Crowns.  Got questions?  Please ask.

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