A book I am re-reading, GOSPEL-POWERED PARENTING by William P. Farley8113WhhnY7L

The bold claim of this book?  That the Gospel is sufficient to answer ALL our parenting questions.  Well, that would certainly save me tons of money on parenting self help books! This books shows chapter by chapter how the most effective parents have a clear grasp of the cross and its implications for daily life.

Read it for yourself, but here are some snippets I underlined the first time I read this book that really stood out to me again the second time I picked it up.

“Either we can focus on preparing our children to enter the world and conquer it, or we can concentrate on protecting our children from the world.”

“Although parenting always involves some protection, this should not be the main focus for biblical parents.”

“If you could parent perfectly, your children might not need a Savior.”

“God is sovereign over your child’s salvation: ‘No one knows the Father except the Son and anyone to whom the Son chooses to reveal him.’  (Matthew 11:27) This is why many from non-Christian homes become Christians. It is also why no children from Christian homes can turn to the Father unless Jesus draws them.”  (So this reminds me HOW to pray for my children and children God places in my life…I pray that God will draw them to Himself)

“Don’t presume your child’s new birth until you see solid evidence.  The first sign is growing hunger for God. Other signs are hunger for holiness, growing obedience to parents, and desire for secret prayer.”

‘Effective parents are not child-centered. They are God centered.  They strive to put God at the center of their family.”

“There is a fine line between healthy parental love and child worship.”

“Compromise always points to idolatry. It displeases God. He does not like competitors, especially when they are our children.’

“Well-behaved children are not the ultimate end.  Saving faith, deeply rooted in the children’s hearts, is the supreme goal of Christian parents.”

And that is only the first two chapters!  Such a good book on parenting with the Gospel.





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