I really thought that reading through Leviticus would be drudgery…I seriously thought, I can just do this really quickly and read as many chapters a day so that I can get to one of the better books of the Bible.  WRONG…SO WRONG…SO VERY WRONG…

God completely convicted me that Leviticus is SO IMPORTANT!!

Today I read this passage and it has made me stop in alarm.  While I work through this I wonder what other parents are thinking and so I will pose this question, “What Yoke Is Your Child Bearing?”

“I will walk among you and will be your God, and you shall be my people.  I am the Lord your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt, that you should  NOT be their slaves.  AND I HAVE BROKEN THE BARS OF YOUR  YOKE AND MADE YOU WALK ERECT.”   Leviticus 26:13

Oh, the richness of that chapter…detailing the blessings of obedience and the punishment for disobedience.

  • God will walk among us, He will be our God, we will be His people.
  • God has brought us and our children out of Egypt, we are already DELIVERED!
  • The Lord has BROKEN the bars of our YOKE!
  • The Lord makes us walk ERECT, standing up, not stooped down in defeat.

What things/beliefs are my children SLAVES to?  Do they know God? Do they really know that they can have a relationship with Him and He will WALK AMONG THEM?  He will BE their personal God.  He will claim them as His.

Am I ignorant of a YOKE that my children are bearing? Is there something troubling their spirit that causes them to feel defeated and beaten down?  Is the BAR of bondage so familiar to them and become such a habit that it has affected their personality, their posture, their attitude?  I cringe at the picture in my mind of an actual YOKE placed upon the neck of my children, weighing them down, keeping them tied to a unkind and selfish master as they labor over things of no value.

I am praying for God to reveal to me specific things in the life of my children that are bearing down on them like the yoke on a beast of burden.  I do not want my children to be a SLAVE to anything other than the Gospel of Christ. Anything that competes with their abiding fully in Christ, I pray, that God will break it again and that they will WALK ERECT as He has MADE them to do!

Identify the yoke your child wears. Is it perfection? Is it an unrealistic self-image, desire to please others?  Has something that started out benign become a cancer in their life, spreading throughout the spirit and consuming them?  The yoke of self-righteousness?  A yoke to sin or rebellion?

Leviticus details, and I mean details, all the outward actions and rituals Aaron and the priests had to perform in order to be clean and holy before the Lord. IT WAS ESSENTIALLY IMPOSSIBLE!  Reading this book has given me an even greater appreciation for the work Jesus did on the cross.  I could never faithfully follow all the rules and statutes given out in Leviticus.  I would utterly fail.  My works would utterly condemn me to an eternity in hell.  But Jesus, Jesus did a blessed work on my behalf that is complete.  Oh, how I love Him for it.  I want my children to love Him and I want them to see that ritualistic and perfectionism can become a yoke where their salvation becomes dependent on HOW WELL THEY DO…HOW WELL THEY PERFORM… HOW PERFECT THEIR LIFE LOOKS…I do not want my children to be a slave to a god like this.  I do not want my children to serve other gods or be a person with lessened rights.

I want my children to be free from the sin that entangles and holds them in bondage.  Thank you, Lord you have provided a Savior that has delivered my children.



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