I Timothy 3:19 says, “thus storing up treasure for themselves as a good foundation for the future so that they MAY TAKE HOLD OF THAT WHICH IS TRULY LIFE.”

How can we help our children “take hold” of that which the Bible says is “truly life”? As a partner and support to our church families, or in many instances the absence of godly parents, we have the joy and responsibility to instruct, share the Gospel, mentor children and surround them with Christian fellowship and times for worship.

Proverbs Chapter 3 gives us a listing of blessings we desire for our children.  We are told to write them “on the TABLET OF OUR HEART…”  things such as;

The teaching and instruction we do at Candies Creek happens through TIME and relationships with PEOPLE who love JESUS.

Looking at just TIME as an investment, we know parents and grandparents invest hours of love, care and teaching in a child’s life in the home.  Why then do we encourage families to be part of a church family too? Why do we have opportunities for our church family to serve in areas with preschoolers and young children?  Maybe the question is, what part does the church family play in a child being Ready for the Future? Here is the eternal significance of the church in a child’s life expressed through TIME:

Beyond the valuable time spent with godly parents, a child from birth to the age of 12 years old has the potential of 624 Sundays where they can be a part of worship and Bible study.  That is 624 times they will hear, see and be a part of the story of the Gospel.  The opportunity for reinforcement at church of what parents are teaching and living out at home is incredible!

Now consider that many children also attend our Wednesday evening activities…whether in AWANA or River of Hope classes in the summer…this DOUBLES the opportunity to learn God’s Word, DOUBLES the time to engage with other children in praise and Bible study and we can add those additional 624 moments to create 1, 248 times that a child, through just the church, is intentionally focused solely on things of God. 

Take away one year… two years or don’t bring a child to church until they are 5 or older…the Gospel exposures dwindle rather quickly.

Now, if that kind of math is not staggering enough, in the next post we will look at the relationships of PEOPLE in a child’s life…

(This writing was taken from the series READY FOR THE FUTURE…at Candies Creek Baptist Church during the Children’s Ministry focus day and video presentation.)





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