In February generally the weather is pretty sketchy as far as kids getting outside to play. I think there are few things sadder than a bunch of preschoolers who have been cooped up in the house for days and lots of energy to expend…(parents of these preschoolers are pretty sad too!)

So we are providing an opportunity for preschoolers to clean up their riding toys…and bring them down to the church for PRESCHOOL DRIVING ACADEMY….

41e7TdRaIRL._AA160_We will have an Inspection Station in the Fellowship Hall where parents and preschoolers can check in their vehicle and get a license.  Kids will then be directed to explore the hallways in the building, following the Road Signs and pick up snacks at the Drive Thru Windows…they can even go up the elevator (supervised of course) to cruise the hallways.  A Drive In Movie Theater will be showing “CARS” in the Treehouse where kids can fellowship or simply sit in their car and enjoy exceprts from the movie!  Parents you can stay, enjoy and take pictures or just drop off and go!  Sign in and sign out for security purposes of course.

February 6th from 12 pm to 2 pm….snacks provided!  Sign up at the Children’s Desk, call me or Facebook message…whatever you prefer.  Preschoolers ONLY…that’s anyone who can stay on a riding toy without a crash helmet and has not been to Kindergarten yet! (Pre-K is ok)

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