How to incorporate missions activities with young children…I seriously am intimidated by the thought of taking elementary age children on an overnight missions trip without parents, seriously scared that is.  But I desire, and I know that children especially desire to serve others!  I believe that when given the opportunity kids will give and serve with JOY and ENTHUSIASM.  So what to do beyond Sunday School, AWANA, Children’s Church and special events…

Honestly most of our missions focus has been on giving.  Giving lots of change and sweetly crumpled up and folded dollars.  Brief side note, I mentioned to our administrative assistant how cute it was that children fold their dollar bills into teeny tiny rectangles and origami shapes when they put them in the offering bucket and how they love, love, love to hold up the whole offering time by dropping each coin individually into a metal bucket just to hear the sounds!  Our administrative assistant who deposits the big church or adult offering every week, snorted and said, “adults fold their bills into crazy shapes too.”  So funny!  And did you know…kids will get up and walk across the room to see what someone else dropped in the offering!  Can you imagine if we adults did that!!!! I laugh every time I think about it.  Absolutely no privacy or shame in Children’s Church offering.

With all of those thoughts running through my head, I am praying not just for a GOOD IDEA…I have plenty of those I can never seem to implement…BUT FOR GOD’S IDEA AND PLAN…to spring forth.  And, its coming together…We want to BE THE CHURCH not just inside the Treehouse where we have small groups, and AWANA games and even school.  Keep praying as God takes missions and service BEYOND THE TREEHOUSE this year!


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