If you are reading this you are probably part of a generation that is only vaguely, if at all familiar, with Lottie Moon.  Lottie Moon Christmas Offering ring a bell?  Sure, you have heard of it,  but could you explain to someone what it is? That’s the purpose of our BIG FOCUS this year!

At CCBC we have a long and rich history of missions education and missionary sending, but we realized we needed to remind our kiddos of one of the greatest financial vehicles for getting missionaries on the field.  To make this creative and kid friendly we have implemented some gimmicks, but I am not ashamed to say that kids do make things very fun and engaging so let’s go with it!

Life-size Lottie!   Come to the Children’s Desk any day of the week and pose with our life size replica of Lottie Moon…all 4 feet and 3 inches of her.

GracePick up a Lottie Moon bag of goodies; chop sticks, brochure, Flat Lottie coloring page, bookmark, magnet and International Mission Board information!   lottie bag

Check out the bulletin board with all of Lottie’s friends!

bulletin board lottieAfter reading about Lottie Moon and learning more about how the International Mission Board takes the gospel into countries around the world, are you ready to give?

Wonderful!  We have some adorable Chinese take out boxes (Lottie Moon…China, get it?) that you can use for your offering or to encourage your kids to give during this Christmas season…LottiePlease join our kids in AWANA and G3 (Sunday School) as we learn more about Miss Moon!!!

http://imb.org  For even more information!

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