just goatsDrop cloths are a must when you have unlikely guests come to help kids see missions at work!  Why, cause goats and rabbits and chickens are hard workers…This week in Children’s Church we celebrated the tithes and offerings that our children have returned to the Lord.  We told the children we had invited 6 special guests to help us celebrate our end of the year Gospel for Asia offering.

Some of the guesses the children made as to who this special guest was???

“Is it a choir?”  Ummm, no

“Is it the band Go Fish Guys?”   No, but I WISH IT WAS!

“Is it a group of missionaries?”  Well, sorta…bunnies

In January we gave out Gospel for Asia Christmas Catalogs and the children helped to choose where their Children’s Church offering would go for the year.  There was some real discussion about purchasing a camel or a water buffalo…a few boys wanted to give a motorcycle of course.  In the end, it was decided that the Jr Barnyard Bundle was what God wanted us to give.  So for the last year children have been faithfully tithing pennies, dimes, quarters and dollars. As leaders we felt it was CRITICAL that we prepare the kids in advance, to avoid any crying or misunderstanding, that these were NOT OUR ANIMALS, that we would NEVER SEE THESE ANIMALS, that they were a gift the missionaries used to SHARE THE GOSPEL, NOT PETS FOR US!  So by August, the kids had it down very well, we didn’t get the animals, they were going straight to villages and people in Asia.

BUT THEN….we began studying Nehemiah in Children’s Church. (We use the Elevate at Church Curriculum this one titled, “The Great Race”.)  One week in October the power went out during service and we had the most amazing “worship orchestra” as we studied Nehemiah Chapter 12.  The people were dedicating the Wall of Jerusalem to the Lord. They had worked hard, they planned a celebration and they celebrated and rejoiced so loudly…

“God made them rejoice with great joy; the women and children also rejoiced.  And the JOY OF JERUSALEM WAS HEARD FAR AWAY.”  Nehemiah 12:43

Why not celebrate and dedicate the offering we were sending to Asia with much rejoicing and as the people of Nehemiah’s day stood on the walls and sang and played instruments, we would rejoice and celebrate this Gospel for Asia offering with a visit from the very types of animals we were sending!

I am so thankful for Abigail Rogers family and Jennifer Grosskreutz and her amazing young ladies who shared with us their rabbits, goats and chickens…The children were SURPRISED, the deacons who cleaned up the goat poop in the elevator were SURPRISED, and it was a day at Candies Creek …”where the joy of Candies Creek was heard far away…” 

Hence, why drop cloths were a vital part of our celebration day in Children’s Church!

gracelynn goatbishop bunny

chickensjacob bunny

gospel for asiakids and goats

more goatsabigail bunny

jennifer chickensgweneth bunny



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