Hoedown Night is usually accompanied by a hayride with Farmer Charlie, but this year we had to postpone our hayride because the weather was so gorgeous. What?  Yes, at 10 am when we had to make the call the weather was hideous and the weather app said chances of rain were 50% at hayride departure…but of course the sun came out after three days of rain and low and behold it would have been the best night ever to have a hayride.  Sigh, sometimes we overthink when we should just go by faith. (I think that sorta rhymes)

Kids were good sports throughout the evening and played games in the Treehouse.  We still ate our crunchy cold apples and dressed like cowboys and farmers. However, we are considering a possible Pilgrim and Indian Hayride in November (after all temps are in the mid 70s today!)

No matter the weather, God never changes, His Word is always true  and it endures FOREVER and that’s our focus in AWANA…learning His Word and introducing children to Jesus!  Enjoy the pics…


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