Well sorta….This year in Children’s Church (C4) we chose to send our weekly kids offering to Gospel for Asia.  Gospel for Asia (GFA) is involved in ministry to the  many unreached people groups of Asia.   Our kids have given so that missionaries in that part of the world can gift people with farm animals for income and yes, meals!

GFA website http://gfa.org/gift/browse/from-the-stable

Barnyard bundle


Through Candies Creek Kids God will provide missionaries in Asia with the Junior Barnyard Bundle which consists of; 2 rabbits, 2 chickens, 2 pigs and a lamb!  But because God is so generous the children have gone above the $152 goal and we will be ADDING to that barnyard. We have six more weeks of C4 to pray, tithe and give.  I love how excited the children are about tithing every week, it is wonderful discipline to learn and practice early. And don’t you want to LOVE giving?  Don’t you want to believe that every dollar is making a difference in sharing the Gospel?

This is not the only missions activity our children are involved in at CCBC…We also are doing the annual Samaritan’s Purse Operation Christmas Child Shoebox, Lottie Moon Christmas offering for International Mission Board, and in the Spring we will begin our AWANA Go offering for Bangladesh.  So many opportunities to give so that other kids and people can know Jesus!  God give us the heart and the resources to give and give and give…

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