One of the many great resources out there to use when sharing the Good News of Jesus is the Wordless book.  And even more good news, its on sale now at Lifeway Christian Bookstore in Cleveland, TN for only $1!

The Wordless Book
The Wordless Book

Charles Spurgeon is credited with the first wordless book, using colors to symbolize different aspects of the Gospel so it could be followed easily and used clearly. And let’s just say it, this method works for me cause kids LOVE the way the book unfolds, they identify the colors and the symbols and can even use it themselves to practice!  It covers beautifully the basics of a gospel presentation with written information on the back and just a blank circle of color on the front.  It is a tool that guides you into a more natural conversation and keeps you from feeling like you might have omitted something.

The Wordless Book fits easily in a bag, or pocket. It pulls out like an accordion with small Velcro straps on each sides. Since children are visual and tactile, they can pull it apart, touch it, fold it back together, and it’s simple to understand. If you are praying for an opportunity to share the Gospel with a child, (and I hope you are praying for these divine appointments to happen every day) pick some of these up and practice with them.

BLACKREDWHITEBLUEGREENunnamedDistributed by Dalmation Press, LLC in Franklin, TN  HCSB version

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