What is the one ministry that we cannot do without?  What is THE single most important weekly, monthly or yearly children’s program that we run?  Which ministry is so important that we cannot have children’s ministry without? Of all ministries, which is more fruitful than any other?  In fact, it is MORE important than ALL the other adult ministries combined!

There is ONE ministry you should fund over all others. Some ministries are shallow and superficial but THIS is the ministry that really changes lives, THIS is the ministry that we will fight for and leave the church over…in fact this is the ONLY ministry where kids get saved and all the others are distractions and take away from the ONE TRUE ministry…

Have I gotten on your nerves yet?  Are you guessing?  Are you mad?  Is your mind in a whirl? Have I offended you?

There is only one thing irreplaceable in all the church ministries.  That is the Gospel.  We use many, methods and approaches to get this Good News into the hearts of children and adults.  Be prayerful.  Some ministries are targeting small groups with specific needs and some ministries cast a wide net…I pray and give to ministries that I am not personally involved in because I know God works through people and circumstances to share the Gospel.  Instead of being a champion for only OUR ministry, let us support and encourage all the ministries that bring the Gospel to a dying world, we are NOT in competition with other ministries. Our enemy is the one who would seek to steal, kill and destroy…we should never do that to brothers and sisters who are trying desperately to share Jesus.





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