Come join us for our new Children’s Church theme (C4).  ENTOURAGE…How to be the Right Kind of Friend.

Kindergarten thru 4th grade children will worship, learn Bible lessons, and apply truth to real life situations using games and skits.  C4 happens during 8 am and 10:30 am worship times every Sunday through November.

Sept. 6              A Good Friend is Wise                                                       Moses and Jethro

Sept. 13            A Good Friend is Helpful                                                  Aaron and Hur

Sept. 20            A Good Friend Will Always be There for You               Barnabas and Saul

Sept. 27            Jesus is a Good Friend                                                      Jesus and You

“Entourage” takes place in a Hollywood film studio where we learn that the on set relationship between two famous characters is NOT what it appears.  Two friends starring in a blockbuster movie have a lot to learn about friendship and the qualities that make it work; such as wisdom, helpfulness, being there for each other, and sacrifice.

Do you think you are a good friend?

Lights, Camera, Action!


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