Do you use devotional books as you read through the Bible with your child?  What do you want from a devotional book?  Ease of use, child friendly, great pictures, solid doctrine, something more than Bible stories or character biographies…?  Try this resource!

A dear friend recommended the book “Leading Little Ones to God” by Marian M. Schoolland.  Published in 1962, it has a very classic feel and look, but each chapter is timeless information about our God who never changes.

“Leading Little Ones to God” is intended to be more than a devotional book, it is an INCREDIBLE resource of DOCTRINE for believing parents.  A very thorough and complete book, here is a small sample of chapter titles;

  • Chapter 21   What it Means to Be a Sinner
  • Chapter 63   God’s Children Suffer for Him
  • Chapter 77   Why We Go to Church
  • Chapter 82   The World is Going to End
  • Chapter 85   If I Should Die

Each Chapter is divided into sections to help the parent as they lead children through the topic: Something to Talk About, Memory Verse, Suggested Bible Reading, Hymn, and A Prayer.INBOX1004501fab89a979f3822cd3e0b701164a0b1

Remember hymns?  The classic feel of this book comes through in the Hymn selections, just a chorus or line from a hymn that will jog your own memory.  Some even prompted me to look up the entire song.

The author has a beautiful way of sharing truth with children without pulling punches or being scary and confusing.   Mrs. Schoolland says in the Preface, “We cannot be thankful enough to our God, who so revealed Himself that even a small child can grasp something of His majesty, holiness and love.”  As you thumb through the Table of Contents you will notice sections on God’s character and attributes, our sin problem, a very clear presentation of the Gospel, what happens after salvation, growth and discipleship, Jesus, how the Holy Spirit works in and through us, the Lord’s Supper, baptism, tithing, and the Church.

I think I mentioned it is very thorough.  You could revisit the chapters in this book year after year as your family grows and matures. Who does not need to hear the Gospel again?  Who loves to study the character of God and read again His great love for us? Who needs a reminder of the importance of growth and discipleship, of tithing and the Lord’s Supper? The love Christ has for the Church, why we go to church and even end times are discussed.

Classic and thorough. Lovely writing. Excellent doctrine.  A book you can easily use again and again with your children and perhaps even pass along to your grandchildren.




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