“Don’t slouch, sit up straight.”

“Stand tall, be proud of your height.”

As parents we often remind our children to keep good posture. Body language is something we don’t talk about often, but subconsciously we notice that a child’s physical bearing represents an inner confidence, or lack of. Rounded shoulders; fear or timidity.  Slouching; disrespect or laziness.  We assign attitudes and character to the way children (and yes, adults) carry themselves.  Posture is an important reflection of how we feel about ourselves and the circumstances around us.  What we are feeling often transmits itself through our body.

Kids don’t just have a physical posture, they also have a “spiritual” posture.

A child’s attitude, standpoint, opinion and how they deal with something is another definition of posture.  Does your child’s spiritual posture lean toward Jesus?  Do they approach problems with a biblical view?  Does  your child have a positive attitude or a negative and defeatist outlook?   Do they imitate the behavior of believers?  Are they pulled in by peer pressure?

How healthy is your child’s posture?  The world sees the physical…but is your child’s spiritual posture one that day by day and week by week and year by year is leading them to a relationship with Jesus?  Most children who receive Jesus as their Savior and follow him do not have an “exciting and turmoil filled” testimony.  Many children have been slowly and steadily lead to the Lord through the constant exposure their parents and adults in their life model.  Does your child even know or remember a time when they did not know who Jesus was?  Rejoice and thank the Lord! 

Conversations with your young believer do not end because they have made a public profession and been baptized…no, you will continue to talk to them and remind them of their decision.  Remind them of the mercies and grace of the Lord and disciple them on thru… so that when they are confronted by sin and temptation, they are reminded to whom they belong and that He will never forsake them.  How often do we as adults need that reminder? To share our testimony, to give thanks for our salvation and our Jesus, is an exercise we need to repeat often and so it is for children too.  Remind them as they grow in the Lord, of how they came to know Him, so that their testimony is a story they will one day be able to tell because you walked with them and gave them practice.

Remind them to “stand firm” “keep their eyes fixed on Jesus” “lean on Jesus”. Remind them to keep a healthy posture.


“My Father, who has given them to me, is greater than all; no one can snatch them out of my Father’s hand.  John 10:29


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