THE GREAT RACE…Nehemiah: Never Give Up

CHILDREN’S CHURCH returns August 9th in the 8 am and 10:30 am service!  I hope your summer has been fantastic and you are ready for a schedule of Children’s Church (C4)  and Sunday School(G3)  every week!

The first four weeks of C4 we will be learning THE GREAT RACE… we join champion racer Kip Daring as he goes head to head with evil Doctor Despair!  As we learn Bible stories about Nehemiah we will study his example of NEVER GIVING UP!!! Join us each week as we worship…pray…play games…study Bible verses and learn how to apply the lessons Nehemiah teaches to our life as we follow God…

WEEK 1 August 9th          I Will Keep on Praying

WEEK 2 August 16th        I Will Keep on Doing My Part of God’s Plan

WEEK 3 August 23           I Will Keep on Encouraging Others When they are Bullied

WEEK 4 August 30           I Will Keep on  Telling Others to do What is Right

Can’t wait to get started studying the life of NEHEMIAH…with YOU, see you in C4.


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