As parents we begin praying early, sometimes before their  birth, that our children will come to know the Lord. That they will believe in the Lord Jesus and be saved.

After pleading and praying, reading volumes of Bible stories, giving regular exposure to the Gospel, having conversations and question and answers, bringing them to hours of Sunday School, family devotions and worship, Vacation Bible School, celebrations when family or friends themselves decide to follow Christ; WHAT HAPPENS WHEN OUR PRAYER IS ANSWERED????  Do we have them baptized now? Should we wait and see if its real? Is it too early?  Do they even know what they are doing?  I was looking for answers too, here is an article from The Sam James Institute you might like to consider.

(Disclaimer: I have no seminary degree, no counseling experience and no desire to confuse or antagonize.  This article just made sense to me as a parent…as someone who trusts kids and their uncomplicated and clear response to the Holy Spirit.  There is more information out there…do some more investigation and seek what the Lord has planned for you and your children.)



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