IMG_5919Sometimes you need time to fellowship together, just hang out and spend time with all the great families at your church.  So that is exactly what we did!  We invited Holes To Go, a portable, traveling Putt Putt course, to come to CCBC and set up on our playground.  What fun!  This was an ideal activity for newbies to Putt Putt and young kids who you aren’t real sure are going to enjoy the activity and you don’t want to spend a lot of travel time or money to experiment.

We set up by the pavilion on the playground and used the shade as our “club house” for cool drinks and snacks. With a brief lesson on score keeping, and how God detests cheating and dishonest scales, we were ready to go!

Our youth and parents provided much needed encouragement and addition skills for the youngest kids and the golfers entertained us with some crazy golf attire.  We made golf sun visors with fabric markers and we were in the zone ready to play.

What I enjoyed about this?  Any age could enjoy, the clubhouse was so cool and refreshing, golf teaches some great life lessons (patience, honor and inIMG_5952tegrity) and fellowship wiIMG_5946th your church family is priceless.


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