As I wrote in our church newsletter, “Not to us O Lord, not to us, but to your name be the glory, because of  your love and faithfulness.”  Psalm 115:1

There are great moments in ministry when you cannot explain or take credit for ANY success you might see. It is so obviously the Lord’s Glory coming upon an event and you stand back in awe, true awe as it unfolds. So it was last week at VBS at Candies Creek.

This year we had amazing favor as God brought an incredible 145 children the first day of VBS, but wait that number grew and increased on Tuesday – 167.  Then, on our historically lowest day Wednesday, God sent 177 children.  We barely caught our breath that day, it was amazing!  Thursday we were down only to 171 and Friday a still steady 168 in attendance.  What makes that so remarkable is the steady attendance, children returning to hear the Word.  I have not even attempted to count total enrollment but our percentage of children returning each day was another God-thing.

Another way God blessed our efforts was our Kid to Kid Tent. Kid to Kid is the place where children at VBS learn about the missions offering. This year we were purchasing Bibles for Thailand.  A family in our church felt impressed to match the offering and now over 115 Bibles will be in the hands of children who are new believers in that country. Kids impacting kids…

I will provide the amazing back story of God’s faithfulness over the last two years in a different post…it is a testimony of how despite heart wrenching events…“God’s word endures forever…” 

Enjoy the pictures!  Notice the family praying in the first picture during our prayer walk Sunday morning before VBS?  See the joy as children worshipCelebrate & Worship

Celebrate & Worship  It was an incredible week, thank you all who prayed, volunteered and gave…


Pray First
Pray First
Bibles for Thailand for offering
Bibles for Thailand for offering
Marketplace Food Court
Marketplace Food Court
Felting Soap in Marketplace
Felting Soap in Marketplace

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