Mother’s Day is special for many reasons, but one of my favorite things is the Parent Child Dedication we have each Christmas and each Mother’s Day at Candies Creek.

This ceremony is a time set aside to provide parents of babies or young children, adopted children, teenage children etc…an opportunity to dedicate their child(ren) to the Lord in front of church, family and friends.  We as a church will then SEE and KNOW this family and commit to pray and support them as the parents lead them to Christ, and as we teach them in nursery, Sunday School, AWANA, VBS and in fellowships for the next several years of their life.

Dedication of our children is done through blessing them, anointing them and laying on of hands. We at CCBC believe God’s Word where it states, “Sons are a heritage of the Lord, children a reward from Him.” Psalm 127:3. 

In I Samuel we see the heart of Hannah as she prayerfully weeps and makes a vow to the Lord, if He would only give her a son.  Who would blame her, when the time came, to keep young Samuel just a little longer, but no, Hannah, who prayed and vowed, fulfills her promise. She gives Samuel to the Lord.  I believe there was no bitterness, no regret as she left Samuel. Why? How could a mother who yearned and cried out in such distress possibly leave her young child at the temple? Read her prayer in I Samuel Chapter 2 as she “exults” and “rejoices”. 

After reading Hannah’s prayer, consider this verse and her answer to the question,

“…I will bring him, so that he may appear in the presence of the LORD and dwell there forever.”        I Samuel 1:22.

Hannah DESIRED that her long-awaited son “appear in the presence of the LORD and dwell there forever.”

Oh, I hope that is my heart today and always, that my children would “appear in the presence of the LORD and dwell there forever”.  I must think, what am I doing and how am I leading them to set priorities that will make them desire to be in His presence.

Parents, dedicate your children to the Lord, lend them to the Lord, as long as they live.

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