Do you wonder where our C4 materials come from? How we decide what theme we are using?  It’s actually LOADS of fun picking one out.  That’s where you and your kiddos come in!  Every summer we plan the whole years worth of C4 material…we look at the different Bible story and application games and then pick the theme we think our kids will like the best.

The next two months I would like to invite your family to look through the themes available and pick one you want to see at Candies Creek this coming 2015-2016 school year.  C4 begins in August and ends the following May. We will choose 4 different themes.  Some we have on hand, already purchased, some would be brand new…here is the link and some pics to get you started.

Elevate C4 001Elevate C4 002Elevate C4 003Elevate C4 004Elevate C4 005Elevate C4 007Elevate C4 008Elevate C4 009Elevate C4 010Elevate C4 011Elevate C4 012Elevate C4 013

As you can see there are so many to choose from!  Outdoor themes, winter themes, Olympic game themes, science themes, big themes, space themes and on and on and on.  Oh yeah, this is just a sample of what you will find at elevate

So seek and pray and let me know where your vote goes…we will take the top four and use them for the upcoming C4 beginning again in August.

Don’t forget we still have one more week of SUPER SPORTS SPECTACULAR (March 22) and three more episodes of DR. TOMORROW’S ROBOT REPAIR SHOP (April 12, 19, 26).   There will be no C4 on March 29th or April 5th.

Can’t wait to see your favs!

Mrs. Christy

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