This Spring the teachers in our babies class decided to do a little spring cleaning…the results are stunning!  I love the new soft and inviting look. It is very restful and clean, they donated a lot of things that were not being used, got a new carpet and added some inspirational signs. march 2015 243Its the kind of room you just want to sit and relax, and I hope you get the opportunity to do so!

The initial inspiration for this room came from a portrait of one of our babies, Benjamin. Benjamin went to be with Jesus this last December and his parents donated a lovely drawing of him for our nursery.  Hanging Benjamin’s picture made us more thoughtful of how important the nursery environment really is.

We are so thankful for the people of CCBC and their gifts to the little ones. It is said a church is often judged by their treatment of the very young and the very old. I hope the nursery demonstrates the nurturing and love each Sunday School teacher and nursery volunteer pour into these babies each week.

Another interesting point about our nursery makeover, two young married ladies (sisters in fact) who were children at CCBC donated signs and wreaths to add to the decor!  I am so grateful for all the work our ladies put into this and lets give Pintrest a little credit too.  But we aren’t done yet, there are more rooms, more painting, more fun to be done!

Baby Benjamin
Baby Benjamin
Our crib area
Our crib area








march 2015 240

When babies are not being held, they play here!
When babies are not being held, they play here!

Nursery pics 001

We welcome all babies!
We welcome all babies!

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