The arrival of a week’s worth of weather, ice, snow and cold temperatures has left us a little out of sorts.  So here is just a reminder of what is going on this week with kids ministry at Candies Creek.  I’m here all the time and I even feel a little out of the loop!

Sunday – 8 am and 10:30 am  Children’s Church (C4)

Part II of  “SUPER SPORTS SPECTACULAR”  will help kids learn more about being on God’s Team thru the beautiful Bible story of Jesus washing the feet of the disciples.  Kids will play sports games, worship and watch some hilarious videos as they apply God’s Word.

Sunday 9:15 am  GOSPEL GROWTH GROUPS (that’s also called G3 or for those old timers like me, Sunday School) We have some of the best team teachers and couples in the church leading children in Bible Study.  Why is G3 so important?  Incredible Bible study, Spirit filled leaders Prayer time where kids lead, Kid Fellowship (under adult guidance), and a chance to make life-long believing friends!

Discovery 101  5 pm in the Fellowship Hall  Interested in becoming a member at Candies Creek but you have questions and need to know more?  Come to Discovery 101 and meet the staff and share a meal, hear the history and touch the vision God has been planting for over 180 years.

Prayer and the Word  6 pm   Tonight’s prayer focus will be on Candies Creek Kids.  I will lead prayer for our children and parents as we look into some informal CCBC research “Parents Discipling Young Children”

Wednesday night 5 pm  SIGN AND STICK practice in the Treehouse for our team!  Don’t miss it as we block off more of the song “It’s About the Cross”

Wednesday 6 pm  AWANA, AWANA, AWANA  and did I mention it’s also AWANA STORE NIGHT!!!  We are back after two missed weeks of AWANA and we are back with a vengeance!  Learning God’s Word, playing games and learning from our missionaries!  Don’t miss, bring a friend.

There you go, I feel better just reviewing it myself!  See you Sunday and Wednesday of this week.

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