I recently asked some young couples with children to answer a questionnaire for me.  I asked these questions simply because I was searching for some answers myself and wanted to know what other families are thinking and doing.

Here is the list of questions.

  • What are you doing as family or child discipleship right now that you could share with others?
  • Do you feel equipped to disciple your child? Did you seek out resources or help to disciple your child?
  • What is the difference between parenting and discipling your child?
  • When did you begin discipling your child and why did you choose that age?

2015 at Candies Creek, in every area of the church, is about making disciples.  Young and old, we are delving deep into the disciple making process.  We are looking to Jesus’ example once again. From my area of Preschool and Children Ministries, the Spirit lead me to really mediate on and think about parenting.  The most critical question I could imagine from my point of view is this…What is the difference between parenting my child and discipling my child?  Are they two distinct things?  Do they intertwine at all?  IS DISCIPLING  A CHILD WHAT PARENTING REALLY IS ABOUT? Is one secular and one Biblical?  Is there a difference in parenting across faiths?  Is there a difference in parenting across cultures?

I obviously had more questions than answers…so I went to some different parents and asked them the same questions I was asking myself.  I am so excited every time I open my e-mail and have a reply from my parent list.  I am putting the answers together and seeing how the Spirit works in families.

SIDE NOTE: Did you know that my spell check does not even recognize the word discipling? or discipleship?  Am I even using this correctly?  Maybe I should have used disciple-making?  Whatever, I hope this does not distract from your reading, sorry!

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