This incredibly fun, futuristic theme is all about showing kids how we can relate the parts of our bodies to parts of a robot!  Enter the crazy shenanigans from GASKET and how he is constantly getting things well….wrong!  Dr. Tomorrow (the robot repair owner) shows Gasket each week how we use our body to serve the Lord!

For part of each weeks opening activity the kids must put on robot gear and do a task as H3’s;  HANDY HOUSEHOLD HELPERS.  It’s hilarious fun as they try and line up cups, pick up trash, or build a wall.

Week 1  We learned that our hearts are not functioning correctly unless they know and love Christ.

Week 2  We learned that with our feet we can follow God and stay on the right path.

Week 3  Our hands should be used not just to help others, but to do good so we can tell others about God.

Week 4  We have to take time so our ears can be listening to what God says.

Amidst all the cute videos and worship songs with motions, Children’s church lets kids actively DO.  Kids can actively get up and play a game that reinforces OR helps them practice the Biblical principle of the week.

The curriculum we use in C4 is from ELEVATE church.  We have used this material for years because it is so Biblically sound and yes technology interactive, game oriented and worshipful.  Kids worship with their entire bodies and all their senses…well if we adults admit to it, we would probably like to do the same thing.

Please try out C4 with your child if you have any doubts or questions…I guarantee they will not go to sleep or get restless.  C4 is designed with a child’s attention in mind.  We have services at 8 am and 10:30 am in the Treehouse for kids Kindergarten thru 4th grade.

(Next week a preview of part 2 in SUPER SPORTS SPECTACULAR theme, which will be 4 weeks in March).


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