AWANA…for beginners

Every Wednesday during the school year, Candies Creek Baptist Church has children’s AWANA clubs at our main campus! Here is a quick peek…

Puggles (2 yr old for CCBC AWANA volunteer and choir members only please)

Cubbies (3 – 4 yr old class)

Sparks (Kind – 2nd grade)

TNT (3rd  – 6th grade)

AWANA is perhaps the most fun you can have in an hour and a half.  I mean that. By the time I get home on Wednesday nights I am so wired and exhilarated that I can barely sleep.

AWANA kids check in the Fellowship Hall at church and then enter the Children’s Building.  We begin at 6 pm and end approximately 7:40 (sometimes its 7:45 or a bit later).

What do they do at AWANA?  kids have a Bible memory/recital time, Bible or Missionary story, and the craziest game time on a circle floor you can imagine. Can my child start mid year?  Absolutely, we welcome kids and families every chance we get.  Isn’t this a little old-fashioned?  Bible memory and reward incentives are never out of style.  We still use puppets and skits and say the pledge, but kids are never stale or boring and our leaders are incredibly creative on keeping kids engaged.  What do kids need to come to AWANA? A Bible and some tennis shoes.  As kids learn Bible verses they can purchase an official AWANA vest or club T-shirt and an AWANA book with more verses to memorize.  (We have scholarships available for families/kids upon request.) What is a theme night? Oh boy, you haven’t lived till you have been part of our monthly theme nights at AWANA!  Once a month our leaders and kids dress up according to a specific named theme night. We have a master calendar we hand out at the start of AWANA each year. Then once a month we let loose with crazy hats, crazy hair, Indian and Pilgrim night, nativity night, International night, etc…I will try to post some classic pictures later.

There will be more posts regarding AWANA in the coming weeks, it’s a huge HUGE part of our Children’s ministry and I am so thankful for the support our church family gives us to keep reaching kids.  AWANA is not just for “church” kids either.  We are not interested in an exclusive club of kids we know, we LOVE guests and visitors.  Call us at the church office for more info! 423-479-3731

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